Monday, December 31, 2012

Jipatie Album ya Style Tatu Ya Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi

Haya sasa kwa wale ambao hawakubahatika kuupata mzigo huo hapo album ya "Style tatu" jipatie kwa bei poa ya kufungia mwaka, pili kusuport hip hop as a true fun niinbox Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi (Jerome) kama upo interested, hip hop we don't stop!peace ya'll
Kuna vichwa kama,
Producers:Q The Don, Ludigo, P Funk  Majani, Lamar, Man Water.
Featured Artists: Tegemezi, Saigon, R.i.c from Achong Pong Clan, Juma Nature,Q The Don, Farida, Nuruel na Rama D
Cover by Ohmegga 5
Kuna sauti ya Adam Mchomvu kwa interlude na Mc Hk kwa intro....
Get it piga simu +255 713537704 
kwa maelezo zaidi na bei imepozwa.. 
Hip hop we don't stop! 
Bio: Born and grew up in Arusha Tanzania he's a 4th born in Mr and Mrs Mgaya family, raised at fire street near the center of Africa between Cairo and Cape Town, has 4 brothers Roger, Allan, Dominic and Noel, two sisters Neema and Hilda aka Mama Jojojo, he's an Electrician by Professional also a Hip Hop Artist representing Arusha since early 90's, has two mix-tapes "SHULE YA BURE and "STYLE TATU" hit single like Kero no 1, Ni soo, Jiwe ft Juma Nature, Style 3, Boom bye bye and the latest Brand new flavour.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


And this is for those mamas who wear kanga over the armor of their lives
to soften the blows of lives filled with woe
that is brighten by the kanga cloth
that fills the holes
of those who left them…of those who never came
to help them carry the babies riding on their backs in wrinkled
kanga slings

And she remembers those that never came back to wipe away
hot tears of fear and shame
that fall in vain
from the eyes of those mamas
who wring life’s dirty water out of kanga cloth
again and again and again

I’m talking ‘bout the old ones
 those kanga cloths that serve as recycled nappy wear
Those once new
NOW unraveling kanga cloths
whose softness helps soothe cries of babies dear
who valiantly resist  brush and comb through  tangled matted hair
that was quickly dried by sweet smelling kanga cloth
that had been freely blowing in the wind
fascinating the gaze of the child left alone
while mama is forced to earn a few shillings here and there
slinging short kanga mini skirts in hot foamy vomit smelling beer
that's been sloshed on the bar floor by men who grin
and rip at the old kanga cloth that she wears

It’s that same kanga that she used to wipe the uji
from the face of her baby boy just the morning before
It’s that same kanga that she'll use to fill up the cracks
 at the bottom of her termite bitten door
It’s that same kanga she'll use to rock
her now full bellied baby to sleep
that same kanga whose faded colors
 drain hope from her sometimes sunken
dried out checks
is that the SAME…
that same kanga that I now see fluttering lightly
 in the afternoon breeze?
is that possibly that same kanga that she now clings to
that helps lift her up
 from bruised and scratched up knees?
is that the same kanga cloth hanging from her shoulders
that her neighbors now wrap tightly round her,
as they assure her that
they got her back
 as if she was their own son or their own grown up daughter?
is that the same kanga cloth whose faded colors look suddenly bright and new
with almost delirious hope
with full blown courage
with unity
and with community love now fully renewed?
is that the same old worn out kanga cloth that previously was full of pitiful holes
somehow NOW tightly woven with tears dried and peeled off
like new mottled skin of a life feeling fulfilled and bold!
is that the same old kanga cloth that she used to wear before
that now wipes up those gurgles of joy that drip from the laughing face of her full bellied boy!
is that the same kanga cloth that mama now wraps round her head
as she  lifts up her smiling face to the sun
 with pride
as she strides with new found courage ahead
into new opportunities
no more skinned knees…no more pitiful woe!
with her dreams and her hopes wrapped in a bright kanga rainbow!

by Charlotte Hill O'Neal aka Mama C

by Charlotte Hill O'Neal on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 8:23pm ·



Photo by Natty Dreadz Kumkichwa

Come Back My African Queen

Come Back

Come back my African queen,
Come back to where you belong,
Get out from being a fake being,
Remember it’s not a sin to begin,

Wearing panties and tight skins,
It doesn’t show your beauty,
But worse it gets as
You lose dignity,

Come and wear khanga,
Artistically designed,
You will shine and roar like a thunder on
these beautiful clothes redefined,
Or a piece of batik, sewn perfectly to match you,
Those t-shirt tops make me sick,
And turn my mama blue

Come and have a sip of my local brew, it won’t make u tipsy,
Stop carrying those big bottles of Jack Daniels,
You look like a foreign gipsy

Let’s dance to our music,
African drums, zeze, marimba,
Classic tunes ensemble to give perfect tone,
Waiting for your sweet voice, to smooth this storm,
Come back and I will give u my names,

African names of greatest queens,
From any kingdom,Nubia,Mwenemutapa,

come back and i will plate your hair with beautiful styles,
when we walk along the road and give me that smile,
my mind will travel miles and miles,

I heard you want to turn your skin
you want to be white?
do you think that's right?
outside white but inside black?
don't you think you will look as an hypocrite?

be proud of your skin my Queen,
your ancestors are waiting,
eagerly waiting for your return,
so they can be proud of you being a real being,

lets speak our languages,
languages from east,west, south the Zulu,
Suwabona,  karibu, nakupenda, ahsante,
i talk to you in English because when i speak my Swahili,
you pretend you don't hear me! really?

I will be waiting hope you come back early.

My Queen
by Peter Arsenal Mboye on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 9:44pm Top of Form
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Thirdy Mushi dah i ril like t

Peter Arsenal Mboye so are you back my queen???hahahah Thirdy Mushi

Thirdy Mushi loooooh im back hata sicheleweshi

Peter Arsenal Mboye your welcome...and tell your friends about this call!

Michael Gordian Mboye Y didn't u say that all the time I was with her.ahhahahahahahahahahaa. TISHA SANA ARIF
Peter Arsenal Mboye Michael Gordian Mboye c'mon bro dont spoil her mind..hahah thanx
Michael Gordian Mboye Nuh sijamspoil sema kanifundisha kuabudu miungu yetu ya zamani hahahahahahaha masonrY

Zanele Zetstar Ndlovu Wow this is beautiful well said my brother and i really hope next time i will be speaking to you in KiSwahili or Zulu
Peter Arsenal Mboye hahhaha...thanx Sister Zanele Zetstar Ndlovu hope they all come back home...
Peter Arsenal Mboye Michael Gordian Mboye those were true Gods before we became mixed up!!
Miriam Dickson am back am back
D Loveness Felix On ma way peter..
Peter Arsenal Mboye D you better hurry!!!\hahahaha
Steeve A-town NatiVe Mamuya i talk to you in English because when i speak my Swahili, you pretend you don't hear me! really?
Mystikal Ebony love it!!!
Michael Gordian Mboye True gods huh and nwadays mnawadis freemason, for wat they worship
Innocent Nyange Mzuka sana
Charlotte Hill O'Neal Beautiful poem brother! Nzuri sana na tamuuuuu kweli!
Cavin Goadian Mboye Umetisha bro
Fabian Gordian Kip it up bro!kareeeee!
Abeid Kumkichwa ntai2pia kwny blog..kali sana brother..clap clap
Peter Arsenal Mboye thanks brother Abeid Kumkichwa for that support bro
Nelson Allen Junior Claaaaaaaaasic pens up son!!!
MaryNashy May Suwesi Nice...I promise to come back
Peter Arsenal Mboye @Nelson....yah brother...i hope i will be better and better
Peter Arsenal Mboye MaryNashy May Suwesi yah mamito u better be asse..we all miss u
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Friday, December 28, 2012



New Video CHINI - CHINDO_2012

Merry Xmass with the Video..Omar kamaliza shughuli.Share it ma funs,spread the word.1Love 
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Freeman Che thanx kamanda mery x-mas u 2.A.Town we are hip hop 4 ever.
Elidy Kibile Fine man 2po pamoko,
Josee Neru Yondani Pa1 ubwa maneno yko slaha tosha ku fight ktk hii life mwisho wa cku 2shinde!
Lisa Talley love this chindo!!! cant wait to see you next weekend!!
Kaloko Sila Oya next wkend yuko wapi@anyone ??!
Kaloko Sila Gudd job... ChUgGs up in ths!!..
Robert Kimariyo Respect fella 4 da marvelous song,in Chuga u ar micing Umbwa.
Man Issa umbwa mzee the future
Daniel Gidion Mmbaga Hahaha... Utuuzima ukisha fika ujinga unakaa kando... Dah! Unaeka kaya chini bro.. Respect.. Some time haitakiwi uwe umesizi alafu ma chalii wanakuitaji.. Lazima uone wanarusha stimu.. Saluti mwanajeshi wangu.
Daniel Gidion Mmbaga Merry chrismas king n happy new year.. Love Umawa mzee family.. Respect
Emmanuel Joseph Mathias Moka xana braze@
Samuel Mponezya Familia kwanza arif. Nimekubali, hii dedication kwa familia yangu, wao ndio sababu nina hustle, sitaki wapite ninapopita, na ikiwezekana wala wasiwahi kupeleka barua za kuomba kazi, labd akwa kujifurahisha, maana dingi atakuwa ameweka mambo mahali yake.
Niaje Umbwa Lotuno? Pamoko sana, pambana maana kama ulivyosema mbele mbele huko ni fulu resi.
Rashid Majura Video nzuri,ujumbe mzuri.Big up chalii!
JahMan Anderson chafua kaka

Jonathan Efatha dah bonge 1 la dedication kwa familia inabd maraia tulay low kwa ajili ya familia, watoto wetu wacje ishi maisha tunayoishi tunayoishi...Amani xana Chindo man pia Merry xmass and a happy cumng year kwako na familia yako.
Ntsiki Last Don Diyami man mi jana niliamua hichi kitu one love kwa kuniongezea nguvu ya kumshinda lucifer
George Selemani Aman sana bro,we mis u..merry xmas to u!
Moureen Joram Tisha mbaya siku zote merry xmas kwako na familia pia
Emanuel Maiko Imetisha sana chindo.
Amos Dimitar Schone Huwaga sina mashaka na Nyang'au Umbwa !
Lu Le Gatchu paroko ba' mkwe..real ísh arιf!
Evaline Ngotea amazing..keep it up!
Ola Friday Saruni Temba U - MB - WA.....Nice one jooh..
Odhiambo Omondi Kitu kali laana chindo man!! inabidii uhuni kuwacha mbele ya familia....big up big man!!
Jordan Walter much respect UMBWA
Lau Mafuru noma kaka
Basalile Funga Umbwa lotuno respect kka mkumbwa stei real hivo hivo..
Umbwa Lotuno Lisa Talley can't wait to meet liam for the 1st time. Samuel Mponezya umenena bro.
Juniør Cuthbert Dixøn S.A.L.U.TE. NYANG'AU!
Lazarus Mererani Roger that We feel that @ K Juu legend
Lazarus Mererani Lazma tuige ma mfano arif tushakuwa ma dingi sasa ...
Hafidh Tengezza ngoma imesmama bro keep it up arif
Ruben Mduma ninayo hapa getto ni soo
Alphonce Blass Mallya Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn
Diggo Boy AtownBoys hapa pia unaipata hiyo ngoma@CHINDO 
Umbwa Lotuno Shukran sana Wote.Hiphop is the way u live.