Saturday, April 16, 2011


Along the rift valley,
Northern Tanzania,
Once a mountain,
Perhaps as tall as Kilimanjaro,
Cone collapsed in ward 600m,
Forming a huge Caldera,
One of the wonders of the natural world,
A great basin ringed by slopes,
Home of Tanzania's black rhino,
The Ngorongoro Crater...

 On the lip of the crater,
African Tallest 19,340ft/5,895m,
A matter of 3 or 2days
The summit can be conquered by any reasonably fit person,
Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania second highest peak,
Mount Meru.

The wavelet and the toes against the sand of the Indian Ocean,
Broken up by peninsulas,
Of the Eastern Rift Valley,
The African Coastlines…

You can see,
The Largest Lake on the Continent,
Source of River Nile,
Shallow Lake Victoria,
The second deepest lake in the world at 772.4m,

Fill part of the rift valley,
A huge population of freshwater fish,
One of the most biologically rich aquatic habitats on earth,
Partner of Lake Nyasa,
The Lake Tanganyika…

The Northern part,
Variety fresh water,
Can get Soda and Alkaline Lakes,
Antelope species such as Gerenuk, Lesser Kudu and Oryx,
Very important for water birds,
A breeding ground for lesser flamingo,
Faraway look like a Flower,
The Soda Lake Natron…


Now we Cross the ocean,
And walk on the Stone Town land,
With the glove Perfume,
It's awesome to Cruise in the Sultan Empire,
The True African dream,
To land and feel at Home,
 The Zanzibar Islands….

The drier Savannas,
With feature by scattered thorny trees and bushes,
Typically have a yearly rainfall,
12-35"(300-900) ml,
Along the dry seasons

The Wild beast and Zebra,
From Serengeti to Maasai Mara,
Reserving its unique circular,
 The Animal Migration…

The magic of migration.
Animal moves Clockwise,
Grazing in short grass plain,
Of the Southern December to April,
In the wooded savanna,
Of the West from May to July,
In the tallest grass hills,
To the North from August to October,
No Human activity interaction,
I love to watch million animals,
Moving without pass roots,

Stone Age site,
Cradle of mankind,
Place for nutchrader man,
Unearthed by Dr.leaky,
Few miles away, the living volcano,
Ol donyo lengai,
Land to prove evidence,
The theory of mankind origin,
Lies in Africa,
 The Olduvai gorge

Twist the tongue with Swahili words,
Jambo...Habari gani,
Nzuri...Karibu Sana,
Karibu tena...Safari njema,
Never empty handed.

The land of
Serengeti, Zanzibar and Ngorongoro.
Kilimanjaro, Meru and Ol donyo Lengai.
Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa and Natron.

With a warm reception,
KARIBU Tanzania.
kajiabeid(c)kumkichwa 2011

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