Monday, September 10, 2012

        Each and everything in this universe is unique, in other words things are not the same, they are different one from the other so are we human beings our names, age, sex, race and origin might resemble but one thing is absolutely true is we are not the same…..Being this the case that each one of us is unique and has a tailor made purpose in his life, it means that our life experiences and purposes will almost not be the same. However one important thing we human beings share in common is the truth that God is our creator, the author and the finisher of our life…………
Beloved, think of an author of a great book how he forms a book’s name, designs a book’s cover, decides the characters and gives each of them their assignments, unites the chapters and finally concludes the book while portraying the ultimate purpose of his book…….Now think of God as the author of the book called life, He decides the characters that’s you and me, He gives the assignment which is to live a godly life, arranges the location where we are. He unites the chapters that’s our everyday routines and finally concludes our life while portraying his ultimate purpose which is to glorify himself……..For God to fulfill his intended purpose in our lives. He already taken care of all that is needed to glorify himself and to make this possible He done these ultimate deeds for us……..

         Long before you and I came into this life God knew each and every detail about us, He decided who our parents would be, from our birth to death he decided what will and what will not be, who will be our friends and enemies, what will drain our energy and what will energize us, our abilities and disabilities, our failures and successes, our tribulations and good times…….So as we live life in our lord, we should be comforted that God’s already handled every aspect of our life taking into account that he will glorify himself through our life it’s for us to shift the attention from our enemies ,our failures, the setbacks and pains because all that these things do is to grab us of our joy, peace and love that God pours upon us each and every day…

        We all know that every child comes into this world sinful, we all inherit this sinful nature from the first man Adam who transgressed against God in the garden of Eden, so before we came to our senses we were sinners….God knowing the value of his creation made an atonement to bring us back to him because his laws are unbreakable he called us according to his purpose that “before we knew we were sinners he died for us and paid our sins once and for all”….We are the called according to his purpose and he has imparted us a spirit not of fear but of love, now this spirit convicts us of our sin that’s why we first came to realize that without faith in the lord we will by no means see life….the calling is also a God’s done deal and he has purposely called us so that our  preference, priorities and reactions be conformed to his kingdom..

        Think of life as a journey it always begins from the beginning to the end, that’s the reality in the natural realm but from gods economy life flows from the end to the beginning because he knows the beginning and the end as well. Since our creator is loving and caring,  He designed the purpose of our life for his glory that through us he would glorify himself that means that God would not in turn create a destiny that is not triumphant….the God’s designed destiny is quite different from the destiny we naturally dream of every night filled with earthly desires and worldly honor. Probably the end of our life is not death because for those of us who have accepted the gift of salvation we count everything to be loss compared to the surpassing opportunity of knowing our lord, for us to live is loss and to die is gain because we surely are destined to heaven where there will neither be sorrow nor mourning but songs and praise will reign forever.

        As God designed our destiny to be heaven, our forever home, he knew in this world we would transgress against his laws and that’s our nature we love the world and its passing pleasure while we know to love the world is enmity with God, that he designed a sanctification system to refine and purify so as to conform us to his Kingdom and to do this, here’s what he does, out of our poor choices and bad decisions he allows loss of our valuables to eliminate our pride, he allows failures to humble us, he allows hardships so as to bring us to our knees and pray for him, he allows trials to purify our faith, and he delays his blessings to teach us patience while he hides his hand to make us love him for who he is rather than what he can do for us. In his word God declared that “though now for a little while, we will have to suffer different kind of trials if any” but he insisted that “these have came so that our faith which is more valuable than gold though refined by fire might be made genuine when the glory of our lord will be revealed in us.

         In his word, God said “judge not thou be judged not either” why did God say these words…..? There is one reason God has to instruct us concerning judging our fellows and this is because there is only one judge and that’s God of majesty whose sovereignty reigns forever.  Justification is another God’s done deal since He has already  termed us just,  in other words our sins are forgiven “while we were still sinners he died for us” you may object that if we are justified by faith then why did God suffer his begotten son…..? the truth is that, He suffered his only begotten son just to break the chain of sin which took hold of human freedom..Since people would have lived by laws keeping his commandments would be impossible for there’s only one who lived sinless life, perhaps his laws are unchangeable but we are no longer justified by the work of the law but by faith but faith if it does not have virtue is dead, it is for us to show our faith in the lord through our works keeping in mind that there’s now no condemnation for us since we are just in the eyes of God.

          Yes God foreknew, Predestined, and sanctifies us….All these benefit us when we live here on earth and heaven as well, but it’s wise to ask ourselves, why should god do all these things for us?, one thing we knows is he loves and cares for us, Our father is not satisfied with just caring and loving us, He’s gone even further to prove his Grace and Mercy on us that he promised to give us victory over each and every battle we encounter in our lives, be it physical, social, political, economical or spiritual battles he assures us of his huge provision and protection…for “though we walk through the shadow of death we fear no evil for his rod and stick comfort us”, So brethren as we through life triumphant over life battles we automatically glorify God and all the power and Glory are given unto him above….

Tuesday, July 1, 2012
                    IF WE JUST.....WE MUST....

             Do we want to ACHIEVE in life? How about RECEIVING good gifts? What about REAPING precious harvest? Do we want to GROW and ATTRACT both people and succession our lives? Want to POSSES properties? What about LOVE? Which one needs to REIGN and CONQUER in his or her life....?
          Some of us have raised their hands; some have stood up indicating a YES answer to some or all of the named questions. Being that the fact, it is as natural as biological reproduction to do something or act in a certain manner for the named needs, wants or desires to come into existence, so the thing here is not what we need, want or desire to be but merely what needs to be done, these are the solid truth and answers to what needs to be done...

                           If we just BELIEVE, we must ACHIEVE.
        Achievement is simply an agreement between ability and opportunity which result in an astonishing realization be it in career, in family, education, work place or health...Achievement is our inheritance as sons and daughters of God, since we are heirs of God's glory we must first believe in God that he is faithful enough to equip us with the skills, knowledge and ability to achieve in life, then we must believe in ourselves, and if we don’t, then we don’t believe we are blessed...

If we just GIVE, we must RECEIVE.
         If we are to receive, either someone must have given us or God must have entrusted us with gifts and rewards, so how do we persuade the giver or God to either give or entrust us with these gifts and rewards, simple! We must first give...the scripture says 'give and it shall be given back unto you'..Not necessarily big things, a lot of money n properties, no! Something as simple as appreciations, acknowledgement, attention or even showing a giving heart may persuade our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters as well as our lord God to give and entrust us with gifts and rewards, remember one may give and prosper while the other can withhold and end up in poverty.

                       If we just LOVE, we must FORGIVE.
         Love shares the same seat with forgiveness, it is as impossible for human being to fly as it is for human being to love without forgiving, why? Nobody is perfect and almost everyone fail or make mistakes at some point in life, being this the fact forgiveness is inevitable in our love, the scripture tell us "these three things are important Love, faith and Hope but Love is greater than all and it goes on tell us "though one may have faith to move mountains if he has no love it does him nothing" in fact for love to live forevermore we must forgive our loved ones for their faults just as the lord our God is forgiven us of our sins.

                       If we just RESPECT, we must ATTRACT.
         It is true that everyone wants to attract both success and his fellow human being, but if we want to attract both in this our life we must first attract God because our God knows we want these things, in fact he promised turn every situation for our good, whether we want to attract a spouse, a friend, a business, an opportunity, an organization or any success we don’t have to try to do so directly but simply attract God first and he will perform miracles upon our lives, all he asks of us is just reading, meditating, believing and applying his living word into our actual life there and then we will be able to attract both other people and success.

                       If we just PROTECT, we must POSSES.
         Almost everyone of us possesses something, be it integrity, personality, money, houses, vehicles, accessories, children or spouses all these need protection and the truth is trying to protect them by our normal ability will be futile since we all know that deploying all kind of security devices may do us no good and end up losing our possessions in accidents, demonic attack or human corrupt practices, so if we want to posses these our possessions we must protect them. Here is how it works, just as God possesses us because he protects us, what we real need to do is to protect not our properties but this God's protection over us and our belongings, how do we do that? Simple as it is told, is just maintaining our intimate relationship with God by being righteous through faith and claiming his grace and mercy in our everyday lives.

                       If we just CHANGE, we must GROW.
         The world is dynamic and ever changing, things like operations, theories, philosophies, technology and culture change, irrespective of the word of God which is standing and shall never come to pass both living and non living things are subject to change..speaking of human being, he must grow and growth is very essential if he is to develop and cope with social, political, cultural and economic, in order to grow we must change so that we develop, we must think like, look like, talk like, dress like, walk like, act like and live like that developed man we want to be like and God is got our back towards there.

                      If we just PROSPER, we must CONQUER.
        We all know that, its one thing to begin a certain movement and totally the other thing to bring it to an end regardless of all kind of adversities...prosperity is very essential if we are to conquer, the prosperity we talking about here is the determination to keep pressing forward in whatever we do be it a journey, a movement, a trial or just a health problem regardless of adversities, opponents or discouragements...just like God assured Job to turn all his afflictions and sanctification into grace and glory, he has also promised us to take our trials and hardships into an awesome victory this means that 'in all these trials, we are more than conquers' note this please, conquering does not necessarily mean becoming an emperor, a political leader or a revolutionary...something simple as overcoming a disease, resisting temptations, eliminating poor i sight may mean a lot in our lives
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 

            Whatever the situation we might be currently going through, let's keep in mind that God has called us to be "fruitful"....He foreknew us, created us, called us, he's sanctifying us and of course he shall glorify us at the right time..By the mean time, we might be asking ourselves what really is "fruitful" life which God has called us to live?...Don't let's miss out here please, "fruitful" life is not about wealth, education, positions, fame or any other material thing we may know, all these might be essential to our perspective but from God's perspective to be "fruitful" is simply living that kind of life which is pleasing to both God and human kind.

               I’m sure we must be wrestling in our mind that, what do we really need to do to achieve "fruitful" life...? Simple! Because there’s a promise of God to each and every one of us that we live the kind of life that is pleasing to both himself and human kind, the kind of life which is free from envy, strife, jealous, grief, lust, hate, betrayal, pain, suffering and all kind of sins...knowing that we simply cannot afford to live "fruitful" that means without all sins because of our flesh, the fallen world we live in and the power of the devil, God set the principle which we must adhere to if we are to live pleasing life to him and our fellow human beings and these he called the "fruits of the spirit"..

JOY: Our joy greatly depend on others joy...remember lord told us to rejoice in his love but he never promised us to remove all pain, suffering or affliction however he told us to rejoice, the true and genuine joy the lord is talking about is not mere happiness which depends on pleasure and earthly desire this life has to offer...we need to rejoice in our lord God no matter failure, jealous, rejections, hardships, financial or health problem, even when we lose our beloved ones...all these are temporary and threw will lose their power once we focus on the blessings of God, there and then can we live "fruitful life"

LOVE: to live "fruitful" life we must have love, the love of God, the kind of love that is pure and genuine...remember our lord urges us to love our neighbors just as our own selves, he meant our love should not be driven by wealth, position, fame or promotions one can offer us, he talks of unconditional and pure show how significant love is, he tells us to love our enemies because he knows their contributions towards our success...without love, all other things weather pleasing to God or humankind are futile if we are to be "fruitful" we must have the love God.

PEACE: Fruitful life is inseparable with peace, the peace of God, the kind of peace that's not influenced by personal, social, financial or political aspects...this means in spite of wars, violence, riot, tribalism or insecurity we can still be unafraid and peaceful knowing that neither depth nor length, things past nor things to come, angels nor principalities, unseen or any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love and peace of God.

GOODNESS: We simply can't be "fruitful" in our lives if we do not project the goodness of God, the goodness of God doesn’t indicate physical appearance or dressings because we all know that one may have these attributes and still not pleasing to both God and humankind...The goodness that the lord is talking about is the attribute that makes one easy to love and being loved, pure, loving, caring and compatible in his community, who does not cause shame to himself and his entire generation...just to wind up, goodness of God simply means being not sinful..

KINDNESS: This is also very essential for getting "fruits" out of our lives and those of others around us...kindness means charity, niceness, pleasant and with hospitality...remember we can run around with smiles on our faces, talking to everyone we come across and still not possess the true character of kindness...just as it takes one to attract the other, it also takes one's kindness to attract others' kindness, so God knowing the significance we have for each other, he urges us to be kind to one another and watch how "fruitful" our lives will be..

GENTLENESS: In some other words "not sharp", "not bitter" or "not steep", being gentle means being sharp less, un bitter or steeples...this we desperately need if we are to be "fruitful", here our lord teaches us the important doctrine concerning how we should react or respond to others' deeds particularly wrong actions or mistakes...perhaps we are wronged or will be wronged at some point weather by our loved ones or enemies, here God tells us that the most suitable reaction is forgiveness..Just like he forgiven us of our sins, we must forgive one another and that's what "fruitful" life is all about..

SELF CONTROL: Without self control, our life will almost be fruitless, though we know that God has established his throne in heaven and his sovereignty rules over all, this means he is in absolutely control of each and everything that happens under the sun but He wants us also to participate in his overall plan for our fruitful self control we have to make sure we abstain from sinning against God as well as resisting temptation...sin may appear to be powerful over us but our God is more powerful than sin, also we should keep in mind that no matter how appealing or defeating temptation might appear, no temptation has seized us that is beyond our level of endurance and with the temptation the lord will also provide the way to escape from, let’s take charge of our lives in order to be "fruitful"...

PATIENCE: It's certainly takes time for fruitful life to come into existence, this time will obviously be accompanied with sorrow, mourning, weeping, crying, trials and temptations....knowing that all these have come so that our faith be proven to be genuine when the "fruitful" life which God has promised will be revealed in us...the scripture tells us that in all these hardships we are more than conquers, persuaded that the present suffering cannot be compared to the future fruitful life God has in store for, let’s rejoice in the love of God, keep steadfastly in prayer and patiently endure in afflictions and the lord almighty will lift us up at his right time, remember he's with us, caring, loving, providing and protecting us through that path of life because he promised to never leave nor forsake us.

FAITH: With all these uncertainties and fears such as the fear of failure, future, loneliness, poverty and death we may think that God is not able to bring to pass the promise he gave us of "fruitful" life...the only way to conquer these fear and uncertainties is by faith, faith is the crucial aspect as far as we want to enjoy the "fruitful life" because faith has everything to do with God and without its impossible to please faith we keep our trust in the omnipresent, all powerful and all knowing God, remember he is faithful enough to leave me and you sinking to hell and he would rather take us with him up to heaven where glory reins forever and that's fruitful life, isn't it?

HOPE: Being this the last, does not mean is the least among the list, I think its the most important because without hope we can do no one thing.. Martin Luther King Jr. Once said "Everything done in this world is done by hope" so as "fruitful" life....remember human being can survive almost seven days without food, four days without water, three minutes without oxygen but he survive no single second without hope, so if we have the joy of God, love of God, peace with God, goodness of God, pleasing to God and human kind, power to run from sin and resisting temptation, easy to forgive one another, patiently endure with our trust in the power and sovereign of God, what then do we lack.....? Only hoping for the best, because we have done our best and left for God to do the rest...We, I mean both I and I are FRUITFUL...

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Stay F.O.C.U.S.E.D

Focus simply means a state of mind that is made up and directed towards achieving a clear and definite objective or realizing a certain destination. Every person will agree with me that in our minds there is a certain clear definite goals and objectives we desire to accomplish or destinations we wish to realize in our lives and those around us for instance being a good Mom or Dad, making the difference in our careers or unleashing our potentials, just to mention few. The good news is that God has a clear and definite purpose for our lives but we must observe a couple of discipline if we are to accomplish that grand purpose, join me as we take a look on how to stay focused for GOD designed purposes in our lives.

FORESIGHT: - Brethren s, you will agree with me that if we are to stay focused we need to have a clear picture of the future, its not that easy but to cut the long story short God has a lot for us in future and this will come true once we anticipate and predict what our future is going to be like and work towards to achieve or reach our God designed destination. You will agree with me that those who have achieved in life, they managed to have this clear picture (foresight) and observed the processes (motives and disciplines) and they decided to trust God with all their heart that’s why they have became successful, I urge you my friends to just do the same and God will do likewise because he is faithful.

OPTIMISM: -Regardless of our present circumstances, suffering, tribulations, trials and all kinds of demonic attacks, we can’t afford the negative attitude if we are to be who God created us  to be or achieve what God has ordained us to or even reaching the full potentials of our life. We must put off this negative attitude and wear a positive attitude in other words; we need to be optimistic and not pessimistic. Some will try to object that why wear a positive attitude while things seem to be negative? I have got the answer, and here it is “and we all know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him, those who have called according to his purpose”, again you will ask yourself, all things? Yes ,divorce, diseases, death, failures and all kind of stuffs you are experiencing trust me God is faithful, just like how he did for Job, Daniel or Bartholomew he is about to cause all things around you to work together for your good.

CREATIVITY: - Brethren, every human being in this earth is unique God has created every one of us in his own way and make, whether you know it or not, you are creative and have the touch, taste, thought and spirit that dwells in you and make you unique. So you are creative but this will come to be real in your life only when you grasp and understand, it’s said that unknown power is weakness, you know what? Creativity does not necessarily mean making or doing beautiful, good, wonderful and miraculous things no! the way you are, feel, taste, talk, sing, write, talk, walk, run, do things, address others, view problems, solve them and set your goals will surely turn to be wonderful, miraculous, anointing, incredible and creativity this world has ever seen BUT this also will be real only if you make GOD first in your life.

UNIQUENESS: - Beloved, there no one like you on this planet, your brother, sister or family members may share some features but they are unlike you, GOD created both you and me for a very special purpose so we need to involve him in our dreams and he will engage us in his streams. Then and only then we will come to realize that the way we are, things that we do, the way we do them, time and place, don’t resemble any other creature in this universe, because no one can wear our shoes. We need to be just ourselves and not to allow ourselves to be drifted by what others do or say about us. Huh! take a sane estimate of your abilities and God given talents then dwell in whatever please you and others around your and which is acceptable by God, lets you find yourself a wrong person, in a wrong place, doing wrong things and at the wrong time.

SACRIFICE and SENSITIVE: - Its quite true that if we want to become people who God created us to be or reaching the God designed destination, there are things we must avoid and sacrifice them because they do not please God and human kind as well. Things like drunkenness, idolatry, adultery just to mention few. We all know that it’s impossible to live in this world without sin because of our flesh desires, world and the devil BUT we must be alert that sin does not please God and humanity at large furthermore, sin spoils our intimate relationship with our Creator. Wherever you are, whatever you do or going through know that God is with you protecting, providing, enabling, comforting you through your whole life, mind you God is communicating with you because he loves you unconditionally, through failure he stopping you to do harmful things, going wrong places and through pain he is disciplining you lastly through success he rewarding you. Please abstain yourself from sinning against God and be sensitive to what he is communicating to you and that’s what it means to stay focused.

ENGAGEMENT: - Loved ones, nothing leaves heaven until something leaves earth, what you do to others God will make it happen to you, give and it shall be given back unto you, knock and it shall be opened for you, seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given. You reap what you sow, later than and more than you sow… Why all this testimonies? simple, just to let you know how God's economy operates and mind you this is real and simple, but it takes a step of faith, ENGAGE god in all that you doing, you know that he knows the past, present and surprisingly the future. He promised if we fear him we will understand, knowledgeable and full of his wisdom but fear of God is fear that drives love and obedience to his commands.

DIRECTION: - Last but not the least among the list is the most important pillar which determines where we are heading as much as where we coming from is concerned. Remember a person with no clear and definite direction is futile by himself and the entire community. If that's the case, here comes a million question and goes like this, what pills do we take, what flight do we board, which way do we go through to have this clear and definite direction? The answer is simple but not as easy as how it is spell. I take a step of faith to have a kind of direction that is eternal and that is acceptable by God and humanity as well… “Trust in God Almighty and lean not on your understanding, acknowledge him in each and everything you do and he shall DIRECT YOUR PATH... Now you know it...GOD BLESS YOU

Friday, October 21, 2011
Don’t make H.A.L.T Decision.

Today decision simply means selecting a plan or an action from among many alternatives which seem to be consistent with ones goals or preference...decision is one of the most important thing as far as any person's success are concerned so being that the case, we need to observe the very important things if we are to make those decision which are going to make the difference in our lives, remember the different between success and failure is only a decision that’s why I want to encourage you today to please don’t take this page for granted as we take a look on how to avoid making decisions those are disastrous to us and those around us.

Don’t make decision when you are HUNGRY...its certain that human mind doesn’t fully function well when this very person is hungry simply because all the attention and focus may be concentrated on how or where to get food, this may cause some kind of inability to make good and advantageous decisions...So when making decisions be it business, relational, whether social, political, economical or cultural please make sure you not hungry.

Don’t make decision when you are ANGRY...anger is one of the most devastates emotions which tend to hinder the human brain to reason and come up with a good decision rather an anger person make decision based on his emotion which most likely turn to be poor…You don’t want to make decision when you are angry, aren't you? You need to avoid this at any price it’s harmful.

Don’t make decision when you are LONELY...relational, spiritual or martial...loneliness brings fog on the atmosphere and mud in our mind and turn any decision made under this condition to be unfruitful...Work on the source of loneliness first before you take a step to make a decision.

Don’t make decision when you are TIRED...this is pretty naked, you need a rest so as to refresh both your mind and body as well because when you are tired you may be a little bit impatient in making accurate and clear look on different factors which influence your decision...observe this please, don’t make decision under this circumstances.

Remember, decision is what makes up a PLAN which lay down a map toward a certain coarse of actions to accomplish a content objective, so when you misuse the opportunity to make good, consistent and advantageous choices it will harm your project or even your whole life…I pray that these discipline are going to change your attitude toward decision making and you will come to realize that H.A.LT. Decision must be avoided at any price, God bless you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


This encompasses your abilities to do sometime even better than your peers, what is it that you make or accomplish easier...Assembling, Discovering, Singing, Running...just take a look at your past to find out yours.


Regardless of your abilities and capabilities doesn’t mean that you can make it in any field...there is a topic in which you have been created to work well it Music, Athletics, Leadership...check out your past to know your topic.


Yes you got ability and field of your assignment but ask yourself this what circumstances do you incredibly perform well? In hardship, in trials, in challenges or do you perform well in multitudes, at home, away? Look back into your life and see how you made it through to where you are right now


As we have seen that the ability, field and occasion are there so how about the relationship aspect, some people make it pretty within groups others don’t while some do things better when they are alone...for others can’t do things better in collaboration with different sex colleagues…take an account of yours now  


Therefore look back in your life to see the moments those made your world go around, the point where your heart got it when you graduated from school match against your rival, got married to a girl of your dream or buying a house?..I urge you again to go into your past and find out about that time of pleasure, success and fulfillment.
Until then you will be able to know your strength so that you will keep more effort to utilize will also be aware of your topic so that you don’t go off the right way...occasion which will help you know in what circumstances you will most likely least you will have already been exposed yourself to type of relationship that you operate well with...lastly all this will remind you when was the time you succeeded and fulfilled your desires and that will be your S.T.O.R.Y…