Thursday, December 22, 2011


You will see us on  the Street

 On the Top of the Highest Mountain

As Big as an Elephant

Feel Safe like Lion Cubs

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the Job BEFORE the REAL Job

 They say if you will do something that your minds and your heart tells you to do, the outcomes will fascinate the observers. I 've been trying to find a job that will suit me with my abilities, the job that will make me useful with the potentials that I posses. I know its kind a difficult for a person to get what s/he really wants, but its feels really good when doing things with all your heart.

For quite long time, I 've been trying to overlook for what am i really capable of, trying to know my strengths and my weaknesses, but it seems like in this poor and traumatic nation, nobody really care about what you capable of doing, they only care about themselves, no matter how hard you can try it. This made some people to change themselves and do whatever they are required or asked only for cash. So they don’t get the chance to overlook themselves. I tell you this comrade, when you are preparing for an interview, you will come across some papers or advice on how to answer interview questions. If you’re personality doesn’t fits for such kind of job but you are dying to get it, you will tend to do anything to be selected as the last candidate, and even if you got selected to fill the vacancy honestly it isn’t really the job you needed, thus make you unfit for it.

I observed that we are faking, and when I say faking I mean acting like you know it while you are not really in it. And later at the end the outcomes is being unhappy while pretending, “ooh! I’m happy with my new job”. Hell not, one thing I know is your instincts will keep telling you that “this job isn’t for you dude, search for another job”, the same applied to the previous job you will keep applying on your new job, cause what you need its only cash, so keep doing it dude just for the c@$h. Think we have to take time to know ourselves first and what we really want in our life and our careers. Don’t dive if you can’t swim, you will end up drowning.

When I was young I wished to be a pilot, but right now I can’t figure out where that dream has gone. I think the Tanzania Education System has played a big part on sucking and to brainwash my mind. Yap! I can also blame myself for not sticking on my dream, but I didn’t have a chance at that time to know what I was supposed to do to realize my goal. Don’t ask me “why you always blame the system”. The system is just the system and if you had experienced what I have been through I know you will feel the same.

Now I have another career, and I don’t think this is what I wanted, but I didn’t have other alternatives, so let it be what it has to be. I heard people talking about destiny, like “that is your destiny boy”, Huh! Am talking about my career and you people keep telling me about destiny. Be real comrades, these two things are totally different. Like fairy tales and true story. Or what happened and what will happen or keep happening.

What I can say is try to be real, find a real job that will satisfy you, don’t just take anything for granted. Though it’s true that we have to learn through trials and errors, but for how long? Trust your instincts, your inner thoughts when thinking of something you’re capable of. Know your true weaknesses and strengths, know your true history, know where you are going. Have realistic goals, not idealistic and immaterial goals. And have trust on high power wanting good for you. Let me end this by a quote saying that "if you believe then you can achieve" Kumkichwa is you.     

Thursday, December 8, 2011


There are things in life that lack explanations-any sort of explanations
For instance who can explain for a certainty why women are attracted to bad guys but at the same time crave for the attention and romance that only good guys can provide?
There are losses in life; losses that we have control over and others that we don’t
Now if we have control over some of the things we lose in life, do we still count them as loss or as choice?
Life is all about choices so they say.
The only things you can’t choose are family and where or how you will die
But has anyone ever asked why do we have to choose one thing over the other?
Can’t we just have all things at the same time?
The irony of life is, the same things that hurt us are the same things that help us appreciate the things that make us happy.
If there was no loss would we appreciate what we have or had for that matter?
If there was no choice wouldn’t we have been robots instead of free moral agents with free will?
 Contributed by Gama Nangale