Thursday, July 17, 2014

Abeid The Fotografa "Untitled Album"

POEM "WATER" by George Kyomushula



Its tasteless/
Sometimes it is A help and helpless /it do heals and does kills /cure and secure / cherish and nourish / it has colour on the side of colourless / same as it has taste from the tasteless /

It indeed heals and kills/
In jaquz can make you chill,but through floods can get you killled /it also can cure when you ill /still it does pretty much help to change on how you may want to feel /

It can make you travels and help you survey/ harm you or helps you to survive /
It can give you foods and diseases , through digestion results us to pee /as you can see it is A helper of whats called respiration / piss as sweating diversion /

When its missed /
Thirsty it is the major hint /
Right after you drink it /that's when you will feel its taste off the tasteless ,when you nearly dying in desert/ through eye sight to the swamp that is when you will see its color off its colorless from the distance /

It is amazingly brighten skin even though its colorless/ it gives us tears to cry and enable us to spit when we high /helps us to speak with commas and full stops / so saliva to get fetched before continue with farther more sentence/

This thing is a treasure/
When its gone it can kills thousands for low and high blood pressure/
Some used it with respect/ and be thankful to mother earth, some use it for leisure to flush their toilets/ misusing it like that /is it their real pleasure ?/

That fabulous thing It can heals and kills /change anyone on how you may feel/
Its nothing else but water/
It used to be free, now we pay some fees since businessmen and the system already know it heals and kills / Yet helps ones to changed on how they may feel /

Now selling water is a big deal /If you can't buy their water then they help it to strive us till we get killed / global warming, no more rains /richest are buying minerals waters cause it heals and help to change on how they feel /

It used to be free now it cost us A fee / save your soul, drink water / protect their sources / Thank you mother Earth for watery rocks / Thank you Almighty for the blessings, given us water is pleasant kind of A thing /

oh thank you WATER /