Friday, June 1, 2012


There are only white women around
Awful fakes of white females
Reflecting an awful mass of ugliness
And i want a lady
To mount the rostrum with
And declare to the World

i Want a black beauty queen
With ebony thighs and huge hips
With skin sweating blackness
And a face dark as the night
And bare breast bouncing
Vigour and erergy.

But my eyes, oh my eyes!
They don't see anything black
iT's only white skins and masks
Flashing past and slashing,
Destroying my sight so
i Can't get what I want

i Cry and sing to them
The inbred tune of our people,
i Shout to them in the black tongue,

But no black sister hears me
Only white masks i see.

i Turn and weep upon myself
And then,only then i realize
i Am not Black either.

Poem By our COMRADE...The Late Professor Jwani Mwaikusa...
May GOD Rest His Soul in Peace...AMEN

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